Top #4 Challenges of Cleaning Couches at Home

Cleaning couches may seem like a piece of cake from a distance, but it is not. The professionals offering services for Couch Cleaning Hobart are well-trained and experts. They clean the couches in a hassle-free way.

When it comes to DIY couch cleaning, a lack of experience and the right cleaning tools can give an unsatisfactory result, which creates even more problems. You may have to deal with a few challenges of Couch Cleaning Wayatinah.

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Here we have mentioned a few challenges of cleaning couches at home and how to fix them!

Colour Bleeding

Colour bleeding is the most common problem faced by homeowners when it comes to cleaning the couches at home. Those who use chemicals containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide often face this challenge. The colour of the upholstery starts bleeding out and gets absorbed by the cushions and other areas of the couch.

To avoid the colour bleeding issue, it is suggested to do a patch test. Use a cotton swab dipped in the cleaning solution and applies it to a small area of the upholstery to check if any colour starts to bleed.

Water Marks

Watermarks appear as rings or circles on the couches, which remain distinctly visible. Mostly, watermarks are the result of improper cleaning, residue, stains, and spills.

Fixing watermarks is challenging but not impossible. You need to use some distilled water and apply it generously and evenly to the upholstery. The distilled water helps in dissolving impurities stuck in the couches. Upon drying the upholstery should look flawless.


Upholstery browning usually happens because of over-drenching and slow drying of the fabric. The use of a cleaning agent containing alkaline also results in upholstery browning.

Washing the upholstery using appropriate cleaning detergent helps in fixing the couch browning issue. A fabric shampoo which is acidic or neutral in nature helps solve the fabric browning issue.

You can expect a change after repeating the process a few times. For better results, you should consider washing your upholstery in acidic or neutral cleaning shampoo.

Further, it is important to understand that browning issues are not 100% correctable which is why relying on experts for Couch Cleaning Waverley is highly recommended.

Fabric Shrinkage

The couch fabric shrinkage issue is not common but persists in some upholstery materials. Upholstery made from cotton and rayon often gets shrunk after cleaning. The wrinkles reduce the size of the upholstery and make the couches look awful.

For fixing this problem the use of a hand-held steamer is recommended. Just steam the wrinkled area gently and tuck the upholstery so it looks clean and wrinkle-free.

Final Words

These are common challenges faced by couch owners when cleaning sofas at home. Give a try our cleaning tips and check the result yourself!

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